Chapter 4

Chapter 4: from Redecilla to Itero de la Vega

We arrive to Castile and León, crossing the province of Burgos.
Antonio and Margaret will to visit the baptismal sink of Redecilla del Camino and will get to know Tosantos and its cave before crossing the mounts of Oca, walking on the steps of the ancient walkers.

A hot dish of soup of garlic waits for them in the lodging of San Juan de Ortega. After the recomforting banquet, they stop in the city of Burgos, where the user can choose between tasting a plate of typical morcilla with Antonio at Casa Ojeda or accompanying Margaret to admiring the majestic Gothic cathedral.

Further ahead, the ruins of the convent of San Antón, which have seen a thousand empires fall and a thousand empires rise. After leaving the Alto del Mostelares behind, they reach Nicolás de Puente Fitero, where they participate in a ritual plenty of spirituality.
All that and much more in the fourth chapter of our app. Do not miss it!

Created by iraltacamino | Friday May 6th, 2016 | Trailers

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