Chapter 8

Chapter 8: from O Cebreiro to Portomarín

Antonio and Margaret walk along Piedrafita de O Cebreiro, a town famous for its picturesque architecture of payozas. They visit the Church of Santa Maria and continue up to Alto de San Antón. The final goal, Santiago de Compostela, is not far.

The lush green of Galician fields and deep eucalyptus forests pass before the amazed eyes of the pilgrims, who are not late in coming to Samos. There they will choose between visiting the interior of the monastery or the hermitage of the thousand-year-old cypress.

After a funny encounter with the ‘cretin pilgrim’, they cross Sierra and Portomarín. We penetrate in the heart of Galicia, the final stage of our trip …

In the next chapter our adventure will conclude. Thrilled?

Created by iraltacamino | Friday May 6th, 2016 | Trailers

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