Chapter 5

Chapter 5: from Frómista to Calzadilla de la Cuesta

We come to the chapter 5. It seems that it was yesterday when we began the Way, truth?

We continue our voyage for Castile and León, which takes Palencia to us. A beautiful bridge on the Pisuerga precedes the Channel of Castile, with its sluices that were facilitating the fluvial navigation. After a visit to Frómista´s Romanesque church, the following stop is Vilalcázar de Sirga.

In this locality full of charm, the spectator will have to decide wether to accompany Margaret to knowing the beautiful church or to join Antonio in his banquet: a delicious young lamb.

Later on, the monumental Carrión de los Condes, where we will have the opportunity to see San Zoilo’s cloister in 360º.

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