Chapter 3

In the chapter 3, Antonio and Margaret, our tireless protagonists, arrive to La Rioja, land of wine.

In Logroño, they stop in the Plaza of Santiago el Real, where they give to the spectator the possibility of choosing where to go.
Following Margaret, we will know the church of Santiago el Real, where we will see something really unusual: the covers of the vault, under the roof. With Antonio we visit a shop where traditional boots of wine are made.

After having fun at the famous Laurel Street, they will give themselves a return for the sumptuous facilities of the Wineries Ontañón. Hereinafter, already in route, they will contribute to Jose Antonio Olarte’s artistic work forming their footprints in a linen placed on the Way.

And this is only the beginning: in Nájera, we will admire in 360º the interior of the Church of Santa Maria la Real; in Santo Domingo, the cathedral and its impressive history are waiting for our walkers; and in Grañón’s lodging we will enjoy a nice dinner with other pilgrims.

Created by iraltacamino | Friday May 6th, 2016 | Trailers

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