Chapter 9

Yes, friends, we come at the end of the trip. The final stage of the Camino de Santiago is before Antonio and Margaret, whose minds struggle between opposing feelings: the happiness for fulfilling the aim and the sorrow because everything is going to end. But there are still kilometres stay for crossing and the way is not over yet.

An impressive grove of eucalyptuses gives us the welcome to the province of A Coruña, splashed of orreos, Romanesque hermitages and forests of chestnut-trees. Before undertaking the last trek of the Route Jacobea, our pilgrims they will give themselves a well-deserved rest in Melide, tasting the octopus and other delights of the local gastronomy.

The couple will spy from the Monte do Gozo the colossal towers of the cathedral of cathedrals. Compostela is in front to them, with all its History and mysticism. Already in the city of the apostle, They will admire the Romanesque interior of the temple, will get excited with the balancing of the Botafumeiro and, finally, they will reach the 0 kilometer.

We hope that you enjoy the last chapter. And remember, pilgrims: actually the Way is never ended, because what is learned crossing it will remain in your lives.


Created by iraltacamino | Friday May 6th, 2016 | Trailers

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