Chapter 2

Pilgrims! Let us introduce to you the trailer of the second chapter of the App. In the second delivery you will accompany Margaret and Antonio from the Alto del Perdón up to Viana. What are you going to find during the tour?

Following the protagonists, you will get the Puerto del Perdón and visit Santa María de Eunate, where a peculiar character waits for you. In Puente la Reina, you will rest under the shade of its bridge and in Cirauqui, will discover the Roman causeway.

In Estella you have many options to visit: the church of San Pedro de la Rúa together with Margaret, the Palace of the Kings of Navarre and the legend of Ferragut and Roldán told by Antonio. If you prefer, you can relax in the cloister under the shade of the mountain.

You will continue enjoying incredible landscapes, before refreshing in Iratxe’s “miraculous” fountain, to follow the Way towards Sansól, Los Arcos and Viana.

This is only a small advance of everything what hides the chapter, the rest? It’s up to you to discover it. Buen camino!

Created by iraltacamino | Thursday May 5th, 2016 | Trailers

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